Adsin Technologies
Posted On: 12/09/18 15:35
Online catalog Development and Distribution service
We have a cost-effective online marketing solution for your business. One year online advertisements through various digital catalogues, Location oriented Business Directories (SEO), Social media and Online Business Networks.

Online advertisements through digital catalogues (Ocat) features

1. We design your Online advertisement and dedicated catalogue for your business

2. The banner advertisement will be published though location oriented Ocat community portal under the keyword-oriented web pages.

3. Admin can publish news and updates to your online catalogue as posts. Posts will be distributed through location-based business circle & social media. Keywords oriented posts will help to gain the traffic and leads from Search engines.

4. Banner advertisements and posts will be distributed through various companies business circle

5. The banner advertisement will be served in all pages of networked Business catalogues. You can use the B2b network to promote your business

6.our advertising campaign duration is for one year

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