Preschools Preschool / Daycare in Kammanahalli
Preschool / Daycare in Kammanahalli

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Rini’s preschool- kammanahally

Rini’s preschool, located in Kamanahalli, Bangalore has established itself as one of the premier Preschools in the city for pre-primary education. Curriculum and system adopted in Rini’s preschool is in line with the current standards and practises, enabling children to intuitively reach his or her full potential with regards to intellectual, social, and emotional proficiency. Roopa.S is the founder of Rinis preschool, who share a passion for inspiring children and bringing out the best in them through innovative, creative and fun methods.

Bright Kid Montessori House, Kamanahalli

Bright Kid Montessori House, Kamanahalli is big double storied safe and secured infrastructure situated on 3500 square feet of area with outdoor and indoor play area has soft flooring and fitted with swing, slides, Tree house, Brightkid express, riding toys and cars for the children to play, interact and enjoy with their classmates. We have classrooms for all the levels, Montessori activity room, Smart digital class activity room, dinning room, office room for the visitors. We have the library and puppet house corner for enrichment and thematic activities.

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