Baptism Accessories in Bangalore
Aroma Baptism Accessories Bangalore

Aroma Baptism accessories collection, Bangalore is one of the best, simple with elegant styles to the more elaborate and intricate designs. We have worked very closely with the designers to choose an amazing collection.

Our products are always the things that we would want our family members and friends to buy, wear, and love. A perfect way to commemorate your little one's special day for years to come.

Christening Basket, Bib, Shoes, Socks, Gloves, Headband, Bonnet, Hat/bolero, Candles, Bed, and towel.

Heavenly Born - Baptism Dress

Baby clothing store especially for Baptism in Bengaluru, Karnataka


Welcome to the creative and colourful world of Faye ! Faye is an exclusive designer girls clothing brand, known for our elegant & rich, yet understated designer style. We create dresses for little girls that are vibrant, playful and chic for ages 6 months through 10 years. Faye dresses capture the innocence and enchantment of childhood with charming dresses that is sure to make every child look and feel special.

The House of Magic Threads

Designer clothing store in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Simply Cute

Baby clothing store in Bengaluru, Karnataka

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