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Looking for counselling services in Bangalore? The best counselling services. Corporate packages, Online counselling Services.

TransCat People Solutions Private Limited
Talent Assessment, Strategic HR Diagnostic Services, Employee Surveys, Strategic HR Services, Organization De....
Business Re-engineering Service, Organization Development Services, Strategic HR Diagnostic Services in Bangalore, Talent Assessment Services in Bangalore, Coaching Services from TransCat People Solutions Private Limited, Organization Development Services from TransCat People Solutions Private Limited, Employee Experience Surveys from TransCat People Solutions Private Limited, Employee Assessment Services from TransCat People Solutions Private Limited,

Corporate packages for employee counselling Views : 23595

Corporate packages for employee counselling 
Expert help , Corporate packages for employee counselling, Easy steps to select and access psychological counsellors, Maternity counselling, De-addiction counselling, Pre-marital counselling & Marital counselling

Corporate Packages for Online Counselling of the Employees - Transcat People Solutions Private Limited Views : 26249

Corporate Packages for Online Counselling of the Employees,  online counselling companies in India,

What happens at your first counselling/wellness session? Views : 22747

During your first counselling/wellness session, you and your therapist/counsellor/consultant will become acquainted. Service Tags : Counselling adolescents, MS (counselling)  , Psychology, Peace, Happiness, Enjoyment, Mindfulness, Saving travel time,  telephonic counselling, Virtual counseling

What triggers mental stress? Views : 22588

What triggers mental stress?  Treatment from a mental health professional may be necessary, especially if stress persists.

Related Tags : Insomnia or hypersomnia | Feeling more or less hungry than usual | Self-soothing with drugs or alcohol |Changes in mood or mental health | Less productivity and enjoyment at work | Intimacy problems | Migraine headaches | Chronic pain | Anger issues | Depression | Anxiety | Loss of enjoyment in social activities |

Why seek counselling? Views : 22345

If you live with depression, anxiety, or something more severe such as bipolar disorder, you likely experience times of distress in addition to common life challenges. 

Conselling  to solve  problems due to  Anxiety, Mood swings, Lethargy, alcoholism, Drug addiction, Critical illness, Break up, Job loss, Abusing, Rape, Crime etc - from Transcat People Solutions Pvt.Ltd Views : 22992

We are a group of qualified professionals who can support those who are in need of counselling. Our Wellness Counsellor allows a person to talk about his/her thoughts feelings and emotions without being judged. Our Counsellors are trained professionals who can help you identify, understand your thoughts and emotions and in the process make you feel better. - Online Counselling Services from TransCat Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore | Qualified psychological counsellors from India | 

Wellness Counselling can help with all sorts of different issues Views : 22699

Wellness Counselling can help with all sorts of issues  - Services Tags - Boosting confidence, Overcoming hurdles, Wellness, Mental strength, emotional  well-being, Online counselling, Geriatric counselling

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